Thursday, September 9, 2010

Latest Layouts

Hi Everyone :) ( if there is anyone out there reading this)
Today we had a scrap again and these are the layouts I did.......

Now I know you are all thinking...where are the photo's???? Well, I have decided to take a chance and try selling my layouts on ebay.... hmmmmm.... if they don't sell well then I will add my own photos to them :)...need some extra money at the moment and as I am not working this gives me an excuse to scrap and make money :) well hopefully!!!
So thats all for off to make some more layouts :)
Thanks for stopping by

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  1. Hey Deb, these layouts are gorgeous! And golly I really love the flowers on your layouts too! I love the way you work so confidentally with colour, where as I am a whimp and stick to favourites lol. Good luck selling on ebay, sounds like a great idea!! *hugz*


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