Thursday, July 8, 2010

Layouts I did just for ME

Well, here is my first official post on my new blog..... I have actually been overwhelmed by the amount of emails I have received and messages from alot of you lovely ladies...LOVE YOU ALL LOTS :) are some layouts done just for ME!!!
Actually this first one was a class from earlier this week....
Using up some old papers.....LOVE that smile :)
This next one is of a very dear friend of mine who has been gone now for nearly 20 years but I still miss her....

So that's it for now.....hope to have some more to share really soon....Thanks sooooooo much for stopping by
Love you all lots
Deb xo


  1. Love your layouts Deb. And I especially love your dress up ones lol, looks like you had a ball. I also love the bright colours on the "Cheesey Grin" page. *hugz*

  2. One positive thing about all this is that you get the time to do things for yourself.


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